Rest operations

GET symbols/search

Retrieves symbol(s) using several search criteria.

Request parameters
Parameter Type Description
prefix String Prefix of a symbol or any word in the description.
offset Integer Offset in number of records from the beginning of a result set.
Response properties
Property Type Description
symbols Complex List of EquitySymbol elements.
EquitySymbol Complex
symbol String Symbol name.
symbolId Integer Internal unique symbol identifier.
description String Symbol description.
securityType Enumeration Symbol security type.
See Security Type section for all allowed values.
listingExchange Enumeration Primary listing exchange of the symbol.
See Listing Exchange section for all allowed values.
isQuotable Boolean Whether a symbol has live market data.
isTradable Boolean Whether a symbol is tradable on the platform.
currency String Symbol currency (ISO format).

Sample request


Sample JSON response

	"symbol": [
			"symbol": "BMO",
			"symbolId": 9292,
			"description": "BANK OF MONTREAL",
			"securityType": "Stock",
			"listingExchange": "NYSE",
			"isTradable": true,
			"isQuotable": true,
			"currency": "USD"
			"symbol": "BMO.PRJ.TO",
			"symbolId": 9300,
			"description": "BANK OF MONTREAL CL B SR 13",
			"securityType": "Stock",
			"listingExchange": "TSX",
			"isTradable": true,
			"isQuotable": true,
			"currency": "CAD"