Rest operations

GET symbols/:id

Retrieves detailed information about one or more symbol.

Request parameters
Parameter Type Description
id Integer Internal symbol identifier.
Can occur in the ‘Location’ header only.
Mutually exclusive with ‘ids’ parameter.
ids Complex Comma-separated list of symbol ids.
id Integer Internal symbol identifier
names Complex Comma separated list of symbol names.
name String Symbol name
Notes: Either list of ids or names can be specified, but not both.
Response properties
Property Type Description
symbol String Symbol that follows Questrade symbology (e.g., "TD.TO").
symbolId Integer Symbol identifier
prevDayClosePrice Double Closing trade price from the previous trading day.
highPrice52 Double 52-week high price.
lowPrice52 Double 52-week low price.
averageVol3Months Integer Average trading volume over trailing 3 months.
averageVol20Days Integer Average trading volume over trailing 20 days.
outstandingShares Integer Total number of shares outstanding.
eps Double Trailing 12-month earnings per share.
pe Double Trailing 12-month price to earnings ratio.
dividend Double Dividend amount per share.
yield Double Dividend yield (dividend / prevDayClosePrice).
exDate DateTime Dividend ex-date.
marketCap Double Market capitalization (outstandingShares * prevDayClosePrice).
optionType Enumeration Option type (e.g., "Call").
See Option Type section for all allowed values.
optionDurationType Enumeration Option duration type (e.g., "Weekly").
See Option Duration Type section for all allowed values.
optionRoot String Option root symbol (e.g., "MSFT").
optionContractDeliverables Complex Option contract deliverables.
underlyings Complex List of UnderlyingMultiplierPair records.
UnderlyingMultiplierPair Complex
multiplier Integer Number of shares deliverable per contract (e.g., 100).
underlyingSymbol String Underlying symbol for the deliverable (e.g., "MSFT").
underlyingSymbolId String Underlying symbol id for the deliverable (e.g., 2345343).
cashInLieu Double Amount of cash in lieu deliverable per contract.
optionExerciseType Enumeration Option exercise style (e.g., "American").
See Option Exercise Type section for all allowed values.
listingExchange Enumeration Primary listing exchange.
See Listing Exchange section for the list of all listing exchanges.
description String Symbol description (e.g., "Microsoft Corp.").
securityType Enumeration Security type (e.g., "Stock").
See Security Type section for all allowed values.
optionExpiryDate Date time Option expiry date.
dividendDate Date time Dividend declaration date.
optionStrikePrice Double Option strike price.
isQuotable Boolean Indicates whether the symbol is actively listed.
hasOptions Boolean Indicates whether the symbol is an underlying option.
currency String String Currency code (follows ISO format).
minTicks Complex List of MinTickData records.
MinTickData Complex
pivot Double Beginning of the interval for a given minimum price increment.
minTick Double Minimum price increment.
industrySector Enumeration Industry sector classification.
industryGroup Enumeration Industry group classification.
industrySubGroup Enumeration Industry subgroup classification.

Sample request


Sample request


Sample JSON response

	"symbols": [
			"symbol": "AAPL",
			"symbolId": 8049,
			"prevDayClosePrice": 102.5, 
			"highPrice52": 102.9, 
			"lowPrice52": 63.89, 
			"averageVol3Months": 43769680,
			"averageVol20Days": 12860370,
			"outstandingShares": 5987867000, 
			"eps": 6.2,
			"pe": 16.54,
			"dividend": 0.47,
			"yield": 1.84,
			"exDate": "2014-08-07T00:00:00.000000-04:00", 
			"marketCap": 613756367500, 
			"tradeUnit": 1, 
			"optionType": null,
			"optionDurationType": null, 
			"optionRoot": "",
			"optionContractDeliverables": {
				"underlyings": [], 
				"cashInLieu": 0 
			"optionExerciseType": null,
			"listingExchange": "NASDAQ", 
			"description": "APPLE INC",
			"securityType": "Stock", 
			"optionExpiryDate": null,
			"dividendDate": "2014-08-14T00:00:00.000000-04:00",
			"optionStrikePrice": null, 
			"isTradable": true,
			"isQuotable": true,
			"hasOptions": true,
			"minTicks": [
					"pivot": 0, 
					"minTick": 0.0001
					"pivot": 1, 
					"minTick": 0.01
            "industrySector": "BasicMaterials", 
            "industryGroup":  "Steel", 
            "industrySubGroup": "Steel"