Rest operations

GET accounts/:id/activities

Retrieve account activities, including cash transactions, dividends, trades, etc.

Request parameters
Name Type Default Description
id String The account number
startTime DateTime The start time of the interval to retrieve orders
endTime DateTime The end time of the interval to retrieve orders
Response Properties
Property Type Description
activities Array Array of activity records
AccountActivity Complex
tradeDate DateTime Trade date
transactionDate DateTime Transaction date
settlementDate DateTime Settlement date
action String Activity action
symbol String Symbol name
symbolId uint64 Symbol ID
description String Description
currency Enumeration Currency
quantity Double The quantity
price Double The price
grossAmount Double Gross amount
commission Double The commission
netAmount Double Net Amount
type String Activity Type

Maximum 31 days of data can be requested at a time.

Sample request:


Sample response:

  "activities": [
            "tradeDate": "2011-02-16T00:00:00.000000-05:00",
            "transactionDate": "2011-02-16T00:00:00.000000-05:00",
            "settlementDate": "2011-02-16T00:00:00.000000-05:00",
            "action": "",
            "symbol": "",
            "symbolId": 0,
            "description": "INT FR 02/04 THRU02/15@ 4 3/4%BAL  205,006   AVBAL  204,966 ",
            "currency": "USD",
            "quantity": 0,
            "price": 0,
            "grossAmount": 0,
            "commission": 0,
            "netAmount": -320.08,
            "type": "Interest"