Rest operations

GET symbols/:id/options

Retrieves an option chain for a particular underlying symbol.

Request parameters
Parameter Type Description
id Integer Internal symbol identifier.
Can occur in the ‘location’ header only.
Response properties
Property Type Description
symbols Complex List of ChainPerExpiryDate elements.
ChainPerExpiryDate Complex
expiryDate DateTime Option expiry date.
description String Description of the underlying option.
listingExchange Enumeration Primary listing exchange.
See Listing Exchange section for the list of all listing exchanges.
optionExerciseType Enumeration Option exercise style (e.g., "American").
See Option Exercise Type section for all allowed values.
chainPerRoot Complex List of ChainPerRoot elements.
ChainPerRoot Complex
optionRoot String Option root symbol.
chainPerStrikePrice Complex List of ChainPerStrikePrice elements.
ChainPerStrikePrice Complex
strikePrice Double Option strike price.
callSymbolId Integer Internal identifier of the call option symbol.
putSymbolId Integer Internal identifier of the put option symbol.

Sample request


Sample JSON response

	"options": [
			"expiryDate": "2015-01-17T00:00:00.000000-05:00", 
			"description": "BANK OF MONTREAL", 
			"listingExchange": "MX", 
			"optionExerciseType": "American", 
			"chainPerRoot": [
					"root": "BMO",
					"chainPerStrikePrice": [
							"strikePrice": 60, 
							"callSymbolId": 6101993, 
							"putSymbolId": 6102009 
							"strikePrice": 62, 
							"callSymbolId": 6101994, 
							"putSymbolId": 6102010 
							"strikePrice": 64, 
							"callSymbolId": 6101995, 
							"putSymbolId": 6102011 
					"multiplier": 100