Rest operations

GET accounts

Retrieves the accounts associated with the user on behalf of which the API client is authorized.

Request parameters

No parameters.

Response Properties
Property Type Description
accounts Complex List of account records.
Account Complex
type String Type of the account (e.g., "Cash", "Margin").
See User Account Type section for all allowed values.
number String Eight-digit account number (e.g., "26598145").
status Enumeration Status of the account (e.g., Active).
See Account Status for full list of values.
isPrimary Boolean Whether this is a primary account for the holder.
isBilling Boolean Whether this account is one that gets billed for various expenses such as inactivity fees, market data, etc.
clientAccountType String Type of client holding the account (e.g., "Individual").
See Client Account Type for full list of values.
userId Integer Internal identifier of the user making the request.

Sample request


Sample JSON response

	"accounts": [
			"type": "Margin",	
			"number": "26598145",
			"status": "Active",
			"isPrimary": true,
			"isBilling": true,
			"clientAccountType": "Individual"