Rest operations

GET markets/candles/:id

Retrieves historical market data in the form of OHLC candlesticks for a specified symbol.

This call is limited to returning 2,000 candlesticks in a single response.

Request parameters
Parameter Type Description
id Integer Internal symbol identifier.
Can occur in the ‘location’ header only.
startTime DateTime Beginning of the candlestick range.
endTime DateTime End of the candlestick range.
interval Enumeration Interval of a single candlestick.
See Historical Data Granularity for all allowed values.
Response properties
Property Type Description
candles Complex List of Candle records.
Candle Complex
start DateTime Candlestick start timestamp (in ISO format).
end DateTime Candlestick end timestamp (in ISO format).
open Double Opening price.
high Double High price.
low Double Low price.
close Double Closing price.
volume Integer Trading volume.

Sample request


Sample JSON response

	"candles": [
			"start": "2014-01-02T00:00:00.000000-05:00",
			"end": "2014-01-03T00:00:00.000000-05:00",
			"low": 70.3,
			"high": 70.78,
			"open": 70.68,
			"close": 70.73,
			"volume": 983609