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  • IonDesk

    IonDesk is a professional-caliber trading workspace that provides innovative and easy-to-use stock market tools. This order-centric trading platform is packed with features to help you customize your order entry and back test your trading strategies.

    by Gambrell Software, LLC
  • Magenta Trader

    Magenta Trader is a seasonal and range trading software with an intuitive visual interface, for option traders.

    by Magenta Trader
  • Pilot Trading

    Pilot Trading condenses hundreds of real-time data feeds, applies deep-learning algos and visualizes these complex trends in four easy-to-understand signals

    by Pilot Trading
  • Medved Trader

    Medved Trader is a full featured trading platform: real time charting with hundreds of indicators, on-chart trading, alerts, scanning, option chains/strategies and option risk analysis. A convenient user interface brings all the tools that an active trader needs to your fingertips.

    by 2GK, Inc
  • MotiveWave

    MotiveWave is an easy-to-use full featured charting, analysis and trading software built for any trader.

    by MotiveWave Software
  • Passiv

    Passiv makes it easier to follow a passive investing strategy with your Questrade account. Get cash deposit  notifications and then calculate trades to follow your target portfolio.

    by GetPassiv
  • is a social trading forum where you can interact and learn from traders online. Follow trading gurus and their strategies or become a guru yourself.

    by TLC Media LLC
  • TradingDiary Pro

    TradingDiary Pro is a user-friendly trading journal. Its performance recording software comes with a range of configurations, statistics, and reports.

    by Sword Tech
  • Sharesight

    Sharesight helps you understand your true portfolio returns with easy-to-read charts, and comprehensive performance and tax reports.

    by Sharesight Limited
  • Wealthica

    Wealthica provides an unbiased and consolidated dashboard of your investments performance and net worth.

    by Wealthica Financial Technology
  • Wootrader

    Wootrader is an easy stock selection platform. Research, Buy, and Sell stock positions all in one place.

    by Wootrader
  • VectorVest

    “VectorVest is the only stock analysis and portfolio management system that analyzes, sorts, ranks, and graphs over 23,000 stocks each day for value, safety and timing.“ 

    by VectorVest

You’ve done your research, and found the investment of your dreams.
You can initiate a trade right from one of these partner websites.

How it works

On every trade now partner website, there is a [trade now] button.
Click the button, and you’ll be able to initiate an order in your Questrade account. Pretty simple, pretty amazing.

  • Quantcha

    Quantcha is a suite of investment tools that helps you turn a good idea about a stock into a great options trade. Get everything you need to take your option investing to the next level.

  • Simply Wall Street

    Simply Wall Street is complete with checklists, straightforward research, and detailed infographics. Connect to your Questrade platform seamlessly with a single click using the integrated “trade now” button.

  • develops powerful stock screeners for retail investors, and now you can trade directly from

  • TMX Money is a financial portal featuring a host of high-quality North American financial content, from Canada's source of record for unbiased, timely and accurate financial information

  • VectorVest

    Research and trade from one place. VectorVest's research platform will help you put your knowledge to work.

Before tying the knot with any of our partners, check out their exclusive offers available only to Questrade clients.

  • 5i Research

    Get a free 30-day trial which includes full access to all model portfolios, over 70 easy-to-understand company research reports, and access to over 57,700 answered investment questions. Get instant access now, with no credit card required.

  • OptionsPlay

    OptionsPlay is an online options analysis tool suite that helps investors and traders of all experience levels discover actionable ideas for trading and income strategies. Now in partnership with the Montreal Exchange, Questrade is able to offer OptionsPlay free to clients! Get instant access now, with no credit card required.

  • StockCalc

    StockCalc contains a full suite of fundamental valuation tools to help you find potentially undervalued companies, calculate intrinsic value and share your analysis. Try out their free tools and use the Questrade30 coupon code to get your first 30 days free, and your second month for the low price of $7 (regular: $39/mo.)

  • The Daily Ticker

    Get a free 30 day trial of the Daily Ticker, a stock analysis newsletter delivered five days a week to your inbox.

  • VectorVest 7

    VectorVest 7 is a research platform that optimizes your trading analysis. Not only can you trade directly from VectorVest’s research platform, right now, get 10 weeks of VectorVest for only $9.95.

  • YCharts

    Get a free 7 day trial of YCharts and 10% off a subscription. YCharts is filled with research, data and analytics to give you a deeper understanding of stocks you’ve had your eye on.

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