Rest operations

GET markets/quotes/:id

Retrieves a single Level 1 market data quote for one or more symbols.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Questrade user needs to be subscribed to a real-time data package, to receive market quotes in real-time, otherwise call to get quote is considered snap quote and limit per market can be quickly reached. Without real-time data package, once limit is reached, the response will return delayed data. (Please check "delay" parameter in response always)
Request parameters
Parameter Type Description
id Integer Internal symbol identifier.
Can occur in the ‘location’ header only.
Mutually exclusive with ‘ids’ parameter.
ids Complex Comma-separated list of symbol ids.
id Integer Internal symbol identifier.
Response properties
Property Type Description
quotes Complex List of Quote records.
Quote Complex
symbol Integer Symbol name following Questrade’s symbology.
symbolId String Internal symbol identifier.
tier Enumeration Market tier.
bidPrice Double Bid price.
bidSize Integer Bid quantity.
askPrice Double Ask price.
askSize Integer Ask quantity.
lastTradeTrHrs Double Price of the last trade during regular trade hours.
lastTradePrice Double Price of the last trade.
lastTradeSize Integer Quantity of the last trade.
lastTradeTick Enumeration Trade direction.
See Tick Type section for all allowed values.
volume Integer Volume.
openPrice Double Opening trade price.
highPrice Double Daily high price.
lowPrice Double Daily low price.
delay Boolean Whether a quote is delayed (true) or real-time.
Please refer to IMPORTANT NOTE section for correct handling
isHalted Boolean Whether trading in the symbol is currently halted.

Sample request


Sample request


Sample JSON response

	"quotes": [
			"symbol": "THI.TO",
			"symbolId": 38738,
			"tier": "",
			"bidPrice": 83.65,
			"bidSize": 6500,
			"askPrice": 83.67,
			"askSize": 9100,
			"lastTradePriceTrHrs": 83.66,
			"lastTradePrice": 83.66,
			"lastTradeSize": 3100,
			"lastTradeTick": "Equal",
			"lastTradeTime": "2014-10-24T20:06:40.131000-04:00",
			"volume": 80483500,
			"openPrice": 83.66,
			"highPrice": 83.86,
			"lowPrice": 83.66,
			"delay": 0,
			"isHalted": false