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With Questwealth Portfolios, you always know exactly how much you'll pay.

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Full transparency in our fees

Nobody like surprises-especially when it comes to fees. This list has all the fees you could possibly incur as a customer. You may never see them because they are charged based on different situations but if you do, rest assured we keep them low.

Management expense ratio (MER) fees

The ETFs (Exchange traded funds) in the portfolios have a built-in cost charged by the companies managing them. The ETFs in the Questwealth Portfolios have portfolio MERs ranging from 0.17%-0.22%. The Questwealth SRI Portfolios have portfolio MERs ranging from 0.21%-0.35%.

What does this mean?

Currency exchange fee

When we need to buy or sell US dollars to trade ETFs in your account, there is a fee of 100 basis points (or 0.01) added to the exchange rate.

How it works

Administrative fees

By offering investment portfolios online, we reduce our expenses and pass the savings on to you.

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How to lower your fees

My Family program

Link your account with the accounts of friends and family members to take advantage of reduced fees.

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Get a tax break

Investment management fees are tax deductible but only in non-registered accounts. Get the full details at Canada Revenue Agency.

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How do you keep your fees so low?

By bringing investing online, we reduce overhead fees and eliminate the layers between you and the market. We then pass those savings onto you.

What do I get with the management fee?

You will receive a portfolio managed by a team of experts. They follow set investment guidelines and make sure your portfolio sticks to it.

When is the management fee charged?

The management fee is calculated daily and charged quarterly. You'll see it on your January, April, July, and October statements.

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