Rest operations

GET accounts/:id/orders[/:orderId]

Retrieves orders for specified account

Request parameters
Parameter Type Description
id String Account number.
Can occur in the ‘location’ header only.
startTime DateTime Start of the time range in ISO format.
By default – start of today, 12:00am.
endTime DateTime End of the time range in ISO format.
By default – end of today, 11:59pm.
stateFilter Enum All, Open, Closed – retrieve all, active or closed orders.
orderId Integer Retrieve single order details.
Response properties
Property Type Description
orders Complex List of order records.

id Integer Internal order identifier.
symbol String Symbol that follows Questrade symbology (e.g., "TD.TO").
symbolId Integer Internal symbol identifier.
totalQuantity Integer Total quantity of the order.
openQuantity Integer Unfilled portion of the order quantity.
filledQuantity Integer Filled portion of the order quantity.
canceledQuantity Integer Unfilled portion of the order quantity after cancellation.
side Enumeration Client view of the order side (e.g., "Buy-To-Open").
See Order Side section for all allowed values.
orderType Enumeration Order price type (e.g., "Market").
See Order Type section for all allowed values.
limitPrice Integer Limit price.
stopPrice Double Stop price.
isAllOrNone Boolean Specifies all-or-none special instruction.
isAnonymous Boolean Specifies Anonymous special instruction.
icebergQuantity Integer Specifies Iceberg special instruction.
minQuantity Integer Specifies Minimum special instruction.
avgExecPrice Double Average price of all executions received for this order.
lastExecPrice Double Price of the last execution received for the order in question.
source Enumeration
timeInForce Enumeration See Order Time In Force section for all allowed values.
gtdDate DateTime Good-Till-Date marker and date parameter
state Enumeration See Order State section for all allowed values.
clientReasonStr String Human readable order rejection reason message.
chainId Integer Internal identifier of a chain to which the order belongs.
creationTime DateTime Order creation time.
updateTime DateTime Time of the last update.
notes String Notes that may have been manually added by Questrade staff.
primaryRoute Enumeration
secondaryRoute Enumeration
orderRoute Enumeration Order route name.
venueHoldingOrder Enumeration Venue where non-marketable portion of the order was booked.
commissionCharged Double Total commission amount charged for this order.
exchangeOrderId String Identifier assigned to this order by exchange where it was routed.
isSignificantShareholder Boolean Whether user that placed the order is a significant shareholder.
isInsider Boolean Whether user that placed the order is an insider.
isLimitOffsetInDollar Boolean Whether limit offset is specified in dollars (vs. percent).
userId Integer Internal identifier of user that placed the order.
placementCommission Double Commission for placing the order via the Trade Desk over the phone.
legs Complex List of OrderLeg elements.
OrderLeg Complex
strategyType Enumeration Multi-leg strategy to which the order belongs.
triggerStopPrice Double Stop price at which order was triggered.
orderGroupId Integer Internal identifier of the order group.
orderClass Enumeration Bracket Order class. Primary, Profit or Loss.

Sample request


Sample request


Sample JSON response

	"orders": [
			"id": 173577870,
			"symbol": "AAPL",
			"symbolId": 8049,
			"totalQuantity": 100,
			"openQuantity": 100,
			"filledQuantity": 0,
			"canceledQuantity": 0,
			"side": "Buy",
			"type": "Limit",
			"limitPrice": 500.95,
			"stopPrice": null,
			"isAllOrNone": false,
			"isAnonymous": false,
			"icebergQty": null,
			"minQuantity": null,
			"avgExecPrice": null,
			"lastExecPrice": null,
			"source": "TradingAPI",
			"timeInForce": "Day",
			"gtdDate": null,
			"state": "Canceled",
			"clientReasonStr": "",
			"chainId": 173577870,
			"creationTime": 2014-10-23T20:03:41.636000-04:00,
			"updateTime": 2014-10-23T20:03:42.890000-04:00,
			"notes": "",
			"primaryRoute": "AUTO",
			"secondaryRoute": "",
			"orderRoute": "LAMP",
			"venueHoldingOrder": "",
			"comissionCharged": 0,
			"exchangeOrderId": "XS173577870",
			"isSignificantShareHolder": false,
			"isInsider": false,
			"isLimitOffsetInDollar": false,
			"userId":  3000124,
			"placementCommission": null,
			"legs": [],
			"strategyType": "SingleLeg",
			"triggerStopPrice": null,
			"orderGroupId": 0,
			"orderClass": null,
			"mainChainId": 0