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Investment products

Once you’ve chosen the best accounts for your investing goals, start picking the assets that will help you get there.

Popular products for every investor

Explore a wide range of investment choices for all types of investing goals, comfort and risk levels with some of the lowest fees in the market.


Classic investing product

  • Own shares in a company
  • Buy for potential stock growth
  • Opportunity for dividend income

As low as 1¢/share.

Easily buy and sell stocks with some of the lowest commissions in Canada.

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Exchange-Traded Funds

  • Track specific industries or indices
  • Buy to diversify your portfolio
  • Enjoy low management fees

Free to buy

Spread your wealth the simple way. Buy ETFs with no commission and keep more of your returns.

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Contract to buy or sell

  • Potential to generate income on stock holdings
  • Helps to protect from market swings
  • Speculate using the power of leverage

$9.95 + $1/contract

Enjoy the flexibility of buying or selling an investment at a set price at a later date.


Foreign Exchange

  • Take advantage of market movements
  • Profit from rising and falling global currencies and commodities
  • Execute trades quickly in a highly liquid market

Spreads as low as 0.8 pips

Access a market that’s much larger in scope than the stock market. Enjoy high liquidity and low transaction fees.


Buy shares offered to the public for the first time.

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Trade contracts for difference on international stocks, indices, commodities and more.

Mutual Funds

Choose from thousands of funds to diversify your investments.


Minimize the ups and downs of the markets with bonds.


Get guaranteed investments with set terms and interest rates.

International Equities

Boost your return potential by investing in non-US stocks.

Precious Metals

Invest directly in real gold and silver to boost diversification.

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Keep more of your money

  • No account opening fees
  • No annual RRSP/TFSA account fees
  • Low commissions
  • Buy ETFs commission free

Start building your asset mix

Keep more of your returns with Questrade's low commissions. Open an account today.

Free, fast and fully customizable platforms

Take advantage of innovative, intuitive and easy-to-use trading platforms to build your portfolio.

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Receive a pre-built portfolio made for your investment goals, designed and managed by our team of experts.

Start investing confidently

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Get answers to our frequently asked questions

Is there a maximum number of products I can have?

No, there is no limit to the number of investment products you can hold.

Can I hold multiple products in one account?

Yes, you can hold all investment products in a self-directed account

How do I start purchasing investment products?

Once your account is open and has $1,000 in it, you can start trading on the trading platforms.

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