Rest operations

GET accounts/:id/positions

Retrieves positions in a specified account.

Request parameters
Parameter Type Description
id String Account number.
Can occur in the 'location' header only.
Response Properties
Property Type Description
positions Complex List of position records.
Position Complex
symbol String Position symbol.
symbolId Integer Internal symbol identifier
openQuantity Double Position quantity remaining open.
closedQuantity Double Portion of the position that was closed today.
currentMarketValue Double Market value of the position (quantity x price).
currentPrice Double Current price of the position symbol.
averageEntryPrice Double Average price paid for all executions constituting the position.
closedPnL Double Realized profit/loss on this position.
openPnL Double Unrealized profit/loss on this position.
totalCost Double Total cost of the position.
isRealTime Boolean Designates whether real-time quote was used to compute PnL.
isUnderReorg Boolean Designates whether a symbol is currently undergoing a reorg.

Sample request


Sample JSON response

	"positions": [
			"symbol": "THI.TO",
			"symbolId": 38738 ,
			"openQuantity": 100,
			"currentMarketValue": 6017,
			"currentPrice": 60.17,
			"averageEntryPrice": 60.23,
			"closedPnl": 0,
			"openPnl": -6,
			"totalCost": false,
			"isRealTime": "Individual",
			"isUnderReorg": false