Rest operations

POST accounts/:id/orders/[:orderId/]impact

Allows to calculate the impact that a given order will have on the account without placing it.

Request parameters
Parameter Type Description
id String Account number against which order is being submitted.
orderId Integer Optional ? Order Id of order to be replace estimated.
symbolId Integer Internal symbol identifier.
quantity Integer Order quantity.
icebergQuantity Integer Iceberg instruction quantity.
limitPrice Double Limit price.
stopPrice Double Stop price.
isAllOrNone Boolean Identifies whether All-or-None instruction is enabled.
isAnonymous Boolean Identifies whether Anonymous instruction is enabled.
Enumeration Order type (e.g., "Market").
See Order Type section for all allowed values.
action Enumeration Order side (e.g., "Buy").
See Order Action section for all allowed values.
primaryRoute Enumeration Primary order route (e.g., "AUTO").
secondaryRoute Enumeration Secondary order route (e.g., "NYSE").
Response properties
Property Type Description
estimatedCommissions Double Estimate of commissions to be charged on the order.
buyingPowerEffect Double Estimate of change in buying power from the order.
buyingPowerResult Double Estimate of buying power in which order will result.
maintExcessEffect Double Estimate of change in maintenance excess from the order.
maintExcessResult Double Estimate of maintenance excess in which the order will result.
side Enumeration Client view of the order side (e.g., "Buy-To-Open").
tradeValueCalculation String Estimate of the order execution value.
price Double Estimated average fill price.

Sample request

	"symbolId": 8049,
	"quantity": 10,
	"orderType": "Market",
	"timeInForce": "Day",
	"action": "Buy",
	"primaryRoute": "AUTO",
	"secondaryRoute": "AUTO",
	"accountNumber": "XXXXXXXX",
	"isAllOrNone": false,
	"isAnonymous": false,
	"isLimitOffsetInDollar": false

Sample JSON response

	"estimatedCommissions": 4.9675,
	"buyingPowerEffect": -235.475,
	"buyingPowerResult": 1999764.525,
	"maintExcessEffect": -117.7375,
	"maintExcessResult": 999882.2625,
	"side": "Buy",
	"tradeValueCalculation": "5 x 75.18 = 375.90 CAD",
	"price": 102.51