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Where Canadians go for low-cost investing

Fees and commissions cut into your returns. Keep more of your money with some of the best pricing in Canada.

Keeping fees low

Nobody likes paying high fees. So we work hard to keep ours low. How? By being an independent Canadian company that constantly challenges the status quo.

Our overhead is low

We live online. With no branches, our operational costs are way lower than other financial institutions. We pass those savings on to you.

We give you better tools

We're constantly innovating to find the tools and technology you need to make better, more informed trading and investing decisions.

We answer to you

We're an independent Canadian company without shareholders. Your financial success is our main priority.

Shaping the way Canadians invest

Since day one, we've fought to give Canadians a better choice in trading and investing. By continually pushing the boundaries, we ended up changing the industry along the way.

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A history of firsts:

  • First to offer $4.95 commissions

  • First to offer dual-currency registered accounts

  • First to offer trailer fee rebates

  • First to offer free to buy all North American ETFs

Keep more of your money

We believe in respect and honesty over our quarterly profits. We know we can only earn these things through complete transparency, so we have nothing to hide.

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Get answers to our frequently asked questions

How do you keep costs low?

By bringing investing online, we reduce overhead and fees, and pass the savings onto you.

Why should I do my investing here instead of at my bank?

While there's many reasons to invest at Questrade, the biggest is low fees. We work hard to keep fees low and pass the savings onto you.

Does Questrade have any hidden fees?

No, we believe in transparency. All our fees can be found in our pricing section.

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