Security centre

Your security is a priority at Questrade

We have implemented a number of measures that enhance our infrastructure and technology and afford you greater security:

  • Our policies on Internet security and personal privacy are comprehensive and impact all areas of our business.
  • The technologies we use are the best available, and we continually work to improve our software, hardware, and best practices.
  • We use Verisign's Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate technology. This is a new release by Verisign, building on their secure socket layer technology which has long set the standard for online security. The address bar in your browser will turn green when it is verified by EV-recognition tools. This indicates that it is safe to continue with any confidential transactions with Questrade. Tip: To ensure the server certificate revocation is enabled, go to tools, select internet options, then the advanced tab. Scroll to the security section and put a tick in the box beside check for server certificate revocation. If you use Windows 7 with IE9, this is the default setting.
  • To keep you aware of any potential suspicious behavior, we provide last login information on all our platforms. You will be informed on the date, time, device, and operating system your account was last accessed on. If you suspect someone has logged into your account without your knowledge, change your password and contact customer service immediately at 1.888.783.7866.

Be proactive in ensuring your online security

The issue of online fraud and identity theft is a constant and growing concern. The specific nature of the threats — the techniques for stealing your personal information — changes as rapidly as solutions to old threats are found. Go to frauds and scams for information on both ongoing and new types of fraudulent activity.

  • Keep informed of trends in fraud and identity theft.
  • Monitor all financial activity including your brokerage account.
  • Safeguard your personal details on and off-line.
  • Always communicate with Questrade regarding any matter that affects your account, whether it is an email address change or suspicious activity.
  • Please read your security measures for specific actions you can take.

Note: Questrade neither endorses nor is responsible for the content on other company sites.