Reinvent investing

What sets us apart will set your portfolio apart

Creating innovative services with traders in mind

Our philosophy is simple: always innovate and create high value trading services. We want to connect you to the markets at the lowest possible cost with the smartest trading platforms and tools. The bottom line? We have an impressive list of firsts, bests and exclusives – brokerage services you get only at Questrade.

1 Cent

Questrade Advantage

Trade stocks for as low as 1¢ and options as low as $4.95 + 75¢ per contract. Plus get data fee rebates and access to Intraday Trader, your personal technical analysis tool.


Buy ETFs for free

That’s right. Buy any North American-listed ETF absolutely commission-free.

Margin Power

Margin Power

Increase your buying power by connecting your margin account with the assets in your TFSA. Margin Power, an exclusive new service from Questrade.

Mutual Fund Maximizer

Mutual Fund Maximizer®

Keep the trailer fees that would otherwise go to your broker – up to 1% of the total value of your mutual funds.

usd rsp


The first dual-currency registered account service in Canada. Trade U.S. stocks in any RSP and TFSA without forced currency conversion fees.

Dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP)

Dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP)

Earn a fat dividend? Enrol in Questrade’s dividend reinvestment plan, and your income is automatically reinvested commission-free.


myFamily program

Lower your fees with our myFamily program. Just link the assets in your account with the assets of your friends and family to start collectively lowering your fees.