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What is an IPO?

An IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the process by which a private company goes public for the first time by selling shares of their company to investors. They are a type of “new issue,” alongside IPOs you can also purchase:

  • Secondary offerings
  • Structured products

Types of new issues/IPOs available Canadian Equities

Canadian Equities

  • Large cap
  • Min cap
  • Small cap

Fixed income

  • Corporate Bonds: blue chip, investment grade, and high yield.
  • Hybrid: convertible bonds, preferred shares, real estate investment trusts, income trusts, and master limited partnerships

Structured notes

  • Equities (Individual stocks and indices)
    • Principal protected notes
    • At risk notes (your principal is not guaranteed)
  • Hybrid (Fixed income, commodities, and other investment sectors)
    • Principal protected notes
    • At risk notes (your principal is not guaranteed)
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Benefits of an IPO

  • Purchase securities at the IPO price, before it hits the larger market.
  • Invest in long-time private companies you follow or use regularly.

How to buy IPOs and new issues

  • To buy IPOs and new issues, you will need a Questrade self-directed investing account.
  • You can see all available IPOs and new issues in the IPO centre. Read the prospectus before purchasing

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How can I buy U.S. or international IPOs?

U.S. and international companies don’t typically file the documentation necessary to market a new issue in Canada. Therefore, most are not available to Canadian residents.

Can I sell IPO shares on the first day of trading?

It depends on each IPO but, in most cases, you are able to sell your shares immediately.

Can I borrow on margin to buy an IPO or new issue?

If the security complies with industry and Questrade guidelines for granting margin, then you can borrow on margin to participate.

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