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Get in-depth portfolio analytics, tax reporting help and advanced trading platforms from partner apps. Take advantage of special offers and discounts while you’re here.

Get a better trading experience with our partners apps

Connect with our partners to get the most out of Questrade. They're here to make your trading experience better, simpler and more intuitive. Start with our most popular ones below then see the rest in our Partner Centre.


VectorVest is a stock analysis and portfolio management system that analyzes, sorts, ranks and graphs over 23,000 stocks each day for value, safety and timing.

By VectorVest


Passiv makes DIY investing easier by automating the tedious tasks involved in managing your portfolio. Set up your target portfolio and let Passiv calculate the trades to stay on track with your investment goals.

By GetPassiv


Wealthica provides an unbiased and consolidated dashboard of your investment performance and net worth.

By Wealthica Financial Technology

Go to our Partner Centre to see the full list of Questrade partner apps and explore exclusive offers.

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Build powerful applications with the Questrade API

Use the Questrade API to develop your own fully featured and analytical apps through your brokerage account.

Visit the API Centre

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Portfolio analysis made easy

    Compare your trading to benchmarks with account information and market data scopes

  • Build the reports you need

    Use your historical trade activity to sift and sort your account activity and create your dream custom view

  • Share your apps with others

    The market is always evolving, and your app can help—become a Questrade partner and let others trade from your app

Get answers to our frequently asked questions

What is the partner centre?

The Partner Centre is where you can find information on Questrade's official partners and creating your own app with the Questrade API.

How can I become a partner?

To learn more about becoming a partner visit our API developer site https://www.questrade.com/api/documentation

What can I do with your APIs?

You can create custom applications to place orders, view account information, and analyze market data, while keeping personal information secure.

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