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Build powerful applications with the Questrade API

The Questrade API allows developers to create their own fully featured trading and analytical applications through their brokerage account.

What is the
Questrade API?

The Questrade API allows you to create custom applications or use tools from third party vendors to place orders, view account information, and analyze market data across all accounts, while keeping personal information secure.

The Questrade API is free for anyone to use. However, any customer using your application to place trades at Questrade must pay the same commission fees that they would pay if they were using a Questrade trading platform

Read our api documentation

Benefits of an API

Retrieve account information

Access your account information including balances, executions, orders, and positions.

Access market data

Retrieve level 1 quotes as well as historical candlestick data for Canadian and U.S. stocks and options.

Portfolio analysis made easy

Compare your trading to bench-marks with account information and market data scopes.

Build the reports you need

Use your historical trade activity to sift and sort your account activity and create your dream custom view.

What API does
Questrade use?

Questrade uses a REST API, for access to read and write Questrade data and OAuth 2.0 as a security protocol.
The REST API allows you to:

  • Retrieve account data including balances and positions for the past 16 months
  • Access level 1 quotes

The Rest web service can be integrated into your custom solutions and allows for the delivery of your data in JSON format.
OAuth 2.0 an open standard for authorization, allows you to:

  • Connect customers to applications on the Questrade trading platforms. Questrade's OAuth implementation requires account holders grand permission to the authorized API customer application. Any OAuth library can be used to make requests against the Questrade API.
  • Send authorized request to the Questrade API. Questrade only allows API requests via HTTPS (TLS) and refuses connections when accessed via HTTP. The required HTTP method (GET, POST etc.) must be defined.

OAuth 2.0 uses an access token (a string credential) for security. You'll receive an access token and a refresh token at the same time. The access token expires in 30 minutes and the refresh token expires in three days. If the access code expires, you must use the refresh token to gain access. You may only use the refresh token one time.

To activate the API centre, see the next FAQ.

How do I get
started with the
Questrade API?

To start using Questrade's API, you must have an account in good standing with Questrade. To open an account, fill out the easy online application here.

Once you open your account, you need to activate the API centre.
To learn how, read API documentation.


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Dec 18, 2015Version 1.1.0
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C sharp

C #/Active X

Dec 18, 2015Version 1.1.0
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