Intraday Trader, powered by Recognia

Strike when the time is right with the help of this research investment tool that scans the markets and identifies trading opportunities that match your goals.

Take on the markets confidently

  • Uncover new trading opportunities throughout the day

  • Scan, monitor and match opportunities with your watchlists

  • Get annotated charts and descriptions of your target trades

How does Intraday Trader work?

Scans market data to match your trading criteria

As market data streams through your platform, Intraday Trader scans the markets, identifies technical patterns and instantly cross-references them with your custom or pre-set watchlists. It’s powered by Recognia, a world leader in technical analysis.

Alerts you when your target trade is triggered

When one of your target trades is triggered, Intraday Trader will send you notifications with annotated charts and a description of what’s happening and why.

Includes resources to help you trade smarter

Intraday Trader includes a comprehensive educational area that you can take advantage of, whether you’re a novice or experienced trader. You get a variety of event setups, each one laying out a specific set of chart patterns and other technical events pointing to a possible trade opportunity.

How can Intraday Trader help you?

Monitor the markets you’re interested in

Intraday Trader includes technical pattern recognition for Canadian and U.S. equities so you can keep an eye on opportunities in TSX, TSX Venture, NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE American and NYSE ARCA.

Watch chart patterns for your target securities

You’ve got the flexibility to choose from dozens of technical events like bar and classic patterns, candlesticks, gaps, moving averages and oscillators, then apply them to the securities you’ve got your eye on.

Match any number of events you’re tracking

You can customize Intraday Trader to match any events you’re tracking so you never miss an opportunity to make a trade.

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Get answers to our frequently asked questions

Who supplies the information for Intraday Trader?

We've partnered with Recognia, a world leader in technical analysis, to bring you Intraday Trader.

Can I create a custom event for securities I follow?

Yes, Intraday Trader can be customized to match any number of events you’re tracking.

Can I set up chart patterns for securities I follow?

Yes, Intraday Trader has dozens of technical events including bar and classic patterns, candlesticks, gaps, moving average and oscillators.

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