Eliminate unnecessary fees from your investments

  • No account opening or closing fees
  • Free electronic fund transfer withdrawals
  • No annual TFSA or RRSP account fees
  • Minimum balance of only $1,000

Administrative fees

We keep fees low so you can keep more of your money. Below is a list of the most common fees.


Open an account FREE
Close an account FREE
Inactivity fee (over $5,000 combined equity) FREE
Inactivity fee (under $5,000 combined equity)1 $24.95/quarter
Registered education savings plans (RESP) with more than $15,000 FREE
Registered education savings plans (RESP) with less than $15,0002 $50.00
Full plan deregistration $100.00
Partial plan deregistration $50.00
Mutual Fund Maximizer processing fee3 $29.95/month
Transfer and withdrawals
Transfer out an account to another institution $150.00
Partial transfer of account to another institution $25.00
CAD$ electronic fund transfer (EFT) up to $50,000.004 FREE
USD$ electronic fund transfer (EFT) up to $25,000.004 FREE
Precious metals
Precious metals withdrawal fee5 $75.00
Precious metals gold storage fee (pooled)6 0.50% of market value
Precious metals silver storage fee (pooled)6 0.75% of market value
Precious metals storage fee (separated)6 1.5% of market value

Download the complete list of administrative fees

Exchange/ECN fees

In addition to your trading commission, you may be charged an Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs) or Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs) fee. ECNs and ATSs charge a fee to everyone who trades on their exchange. Rather than incorporate this fee into our trading commissions and have higher commissions, we charge each trader who incurs the fee directly. ECN fees do not apply to every trade as seen in the chart.

Securities traded Adding liquidity Removing liquidity
Canadian securities $1.00 and above7
TSX, TSX venture, and all ATSs8 Free $0.0035/share
Canadian securities $0.99 and below7
TSX, TSX venture, and all ATSs8 Free $0.0008/share
CSE Free $0.0012/share
All U.S. Securities9
INET (NSDQ) Free $0.003/share
ARCA, NYSE, EDGX Free $0.004/share
EDGA $0.004/share Free

Non-marketable orders

You may also be charged an ECN fee if you trade a "non-marketable order," which is a technical term for any order not in a multiple of 100 shares. If you put in an order to buy or sell 50 shares, this type of order is a non-marketable order and will be charged an ECN fee. An order of 100, 200, 300, etc. shares is a standard lot (also known as a board lot) and a "marketable order," and will not inherently be charged with an ECN fee.

SEC fee

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) collects a fee for all sales of U.S. securities. This fee will only be charged if you sell an American security listed on an American exchange.

The fee is calculated at 0.000013 x the value of the trade.

Selling 100 shares of a U.S. stock at $25 (100 x $25 = $2,500) will incur an SEC fee of $0.0325 USD (0.000013 X $2500).

ADR fee

Agent banks usually charge investors an annual custody fee for holding American Depositary Receipts (ADRs). The amount and timing of custody fees are detailed in your ADR prospectus. As per the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Depository Trust Company collects the custody fees on ADRs that do not pay periodic dividends. If you hold an ADR that does not pay a dividend the fee will be deducted from your account and posted on your monthly statement.

Warrants and rights fee

When purchasing warrants and rights there is a fee charged by the exchanged to remove liquidity.

Adding liquidity FREE
Removing liquidity
All exchanges except CSE 0.025% of the value per fill* (min $0.50, max $50.00)
CSE securities greater than or equal to $1.00 $0.0035/unit

It is possible to have multiple fills per order and be charged the minimum fee multiple times for the same order.

Notes and debentures fee

When purchasing notes and debentures, there is a fee per par value for each side of the transaction.

Notes and debentures fee: $0.10 per $1,000 par value per side.

Notes and debentures on the CSE have a minimum $1.00 per side.

Regular commission fees also apply.

1As of April 1st, 2015, an inactivity fee of $24.95 per quarter is charged to clients with under CAD $5,000 in combined total equity for any quarter in which the client does not complete one commissionable trade. Commissionable trades include free trades or trades made using commission rebates. Combined equity includes all accounts owned by a client, including joint accounts. Clients are exempt if they are 25 years of age or under, or are subscribed to a data package. They are also exempt if they sign up for our myFamily program, link the assets in their account with the assets in other clients’ accounts, and together they have at least CAD $5,000 in assets. Charitable organizations are also exempt. If the client trades in the quarter after incurring an inactivity fee, the trades will be commission-free up to $24.95, provided the account remains open at the end of the following quarter. For example, if a client incurs an inactivity fee on July 1st, any trades made in July, August or September will be commission-free up to $24.95.

2You won’t be charged the $50 annual fee if you have more than $15,000 in investments across multiple accounts or you are part of a myFamily group and together the group has at least $15,000 in investments. The fee is calculated on balances at the end of October, and charged in early November every year. RESP accounts open for less than three months will not be charged.

3The processing fee is applied against any amount to be rebated and will never exceed the rebated amount. Your account will therefore never be charged a fee for participating in the Mutual Fund Maximizer service. The processing fee is calculated monthly and applied quarterly with a minimum of three months. For more information, click here.

4In order to send an EFT a void cheque from a bank account is required.

5A shipping fee of USD $30 is charged for each 500oz or $100,000 of gold or silver, whichever is higher, withdrawn from pooled storage (your precious metals are stored together with other clients’ metals). For example, your shipping fee for withdrawing 400oz of gold valued at $150,000 would be USD $60. There is also an insurance fee of USD $4 charged on every $1,000 of gold and USD $7.50 on every $1,000 of silver. If your precious metals are stored separately from other clients’ metals, please contact us for shipping and insurance fees.

6As of March 1st, 2017. This is an annual fee, charged monthly.

7Opening and extended-hours trades are billed at the same rate.

8Canadian orders can execute on any of the following alternative trading systems (ATSs): Aequitas Lit, Aequitas Neo, Alpha, Chi-X, CX2, CSE, Lynx, Omega and TriAct Match-now.

9U.S. pre-market and post-market trades are billed at the same rate as TSX extended-hours. Canadian stocks do not have a pre-market.

Questrade converts currencies and may apply a conversion rate. Any revenue earned is based on the bid and ask spread of the current spot rate market. QST and HST/GST are added where applicable. All administrative fees are in the currency of the transaction in which they relate.