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In addition to your trading commission, you may be charged an Electronic Communication Networks (ECNs) or Alternative Trading Systems (ATSs) fee. ECNs and ATSs are intermediaries that connect brokers to the market. ECNs and ATSs can charge a fee based on trading activity on their exchange. Rather than roll these fees into our trading commissions and have higher commissions, we charge each trader who incurs a fee directly. ECN fees don't apply to every trade.

ECN Fees (adding liquidity)

In most cases, there’s no charge whenever an order adds liquidity to a market, meaning it’s not likely to be filled immediately. This can include limit orders that are not filled immediately.

Canadian securities $1.00 and abovefree
Canadian securities $0.99 and belowfree
Canadian securities $0.99 and below – CSEfree
U.S Securities - MNGDfree
U.S Securities - INET (NSDQ)free
U.S Securities - ARCA, NYSE, EDGXfree
U.S Securities – EDGA$0.004/share

ECN Fees (removing liquidity)

In general, ECNs and ATSs charge fees whenever an order removes liquidity from the market, meaning it's likely to be filled immediately. This includes all market orders, where the investor accepts the price without specifying a minimum or maximum.

Canadian securities $1.00 and above$0.0035/share
Canadian securities $0.99 and below$0.0008/share
Canadian securities $0.99 and below – CSE$0.0012/share
U.S Securities – MNGDfree
U.S Securities - INET (NSDQ)$0.003/share
U.S Securities - BATS$0.004/share
U.S Securities - ARCA, NYSE, EDGX$0.004/share
U.S Securities – EDGAfree

Non-marketable orders

You may also be charged an ECN fee if you trade a “non-marketable order,” which is a technical term for any order not in a multiple of 100 shares. If you put in an order to buy or sell 50 shares, this type of order is a non-marketable order and will be charged an ECN fee. An order of 100, 200, 300, etc. shares is a standard lot (also known as a board lot) and a “marketable order,” and will not inherently be charged with an ECN fee.


The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) collects a fee for all sales of U.S. securities. This fee will only be charged if you sell an American security listed on an American exchange.

The fee is calculated at 0.0000051 x the value of the trade.

E.g. Selling 100 shares of a U.S. stock at $25 (100 x $25 = $2,500) will incur an SEC fee of $0.01275 USD (0.0000051 x $2,500).


Agent banks usually charge investors an annual custody fee for holding American Depositary Receipts (ADRs). The amount and timing of custody fees are detailed in your ADR prospectus. As per the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Depository Trust Company collects the custody fees on ADRs that do not pay periodic dividends. If you hold an ADR that does not pay a dividend the fee will be deducted from your account and posted on your monthly statement.

Warrants & Rights

When you purchase warrants and rights, the exchange charges you a fee to remove liquidity.

Adding liquidityfree
Removing liquidityAll exchanges except CSE 0.025% of the value per fill* (min $0.50, max $50.00)
CSE securities greater than or equal to $1.00$0.0035/unit

It is possible to have multiple fills per order and be charged the minimum fee multiple times for the same order.

Notes & Debentures

When purchasing notes and debentures, there is a fee per par value for each side of the transaction.

  • Notes and debentures fee: $0.10 per $1,000 par value per side
  • Notes and debentures on the CSE have a minimum $1.00 per side
  • Regular commission fees also apply

Non-DTC Eligible Securities

The DTC (Depository Trust Company) is one of the world’s largest securities depositories. It provides safekeeping through electronic record keeping of securities balances. It also acts as a clearinghouse to process and settle trades in corporate and municipal securities. A non-DTC eligible security are securities which, due to restrictions imposed by the Depository Trust Company, cannot be deposited electronically.

Settlement of non-DTC (Depository Trust Company) eligible securities $450.00

Special Request

Following is a list of fees that we will only charge if or when you do a specific action. If you don't have any of these requests, you won't be charged.

Private placement request 1$175.00/trade
Research request (minimum one hour)$75.00/hr
Unclaimed property$29.95/quarter
Precious metals withdrawal fee 2$75.00
Precious metals gold storage fee (pooled) 0.50% of market value
Precious metals silver storage fee (pooled) 0.75% of market value
Precious metals storage fee (separated) 1.50% of market value
Private investment transactions 3$75.00 each
Private investment quarterly physical holding fee 4,5,6$24.95
Private investment quarterly physical holding fee-additional accounts 4,5,6$12.50
Private investment one-time product onboarding fee (issuer only) 7$250.00
Canadian controlled private corporations (CCPC) fee 8$250.00 + $100.00/year


Trade commissions are charged by a broker when you buy or sell certain investments.

Stock Trade - Buy$0.01/share (min. $4.95 to max. $9.95)
Stock Trade - Sell$0.01/share (min. $4.95 to max. $9.95)
ETF Trade - Buyfree
ETF Trade - Sell$0.01/share (min. $4.95 to max. $9.95)
Options Trade - Buy $9.95+$1.00/contract
Options Trade - Sell $9.95+$1.00/contract
Options (Exercise/assignment)$24.95
Mutual Fund Trade - Buy$9.95/trade
Mutual Fund Trade - Sell$9.95/trade
Mutual Fund Rebates Processing Fee 9$29.95/month
Currency Conversion (USD/CAD) 10175 bps (equivalent to 1.45%, based on last 12 months exchange rate)
Bonds - BuyMin. $5,000.00 purchase
GICs - BuyMin. $5,000.00 purchase
International Equities - Buy1% of the value of the trade (min. $195)
International Equities - Sell1% of the value of the trade (min. $195)
IPOs & New Issues - Buyfree Min. $5,000.00 purchase
Precious Metals - Buy$19.95/trade USD
Precious Metals - Sell$19.95/trade USD
Trades executed via the trade desk$45.00/trade
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