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Lower costs. Lower fees. Compound savings. Professionally managed online by experts. This is what makes Questrade Portfolio IQ right for your goals.

Financial success starts with lower fees

Enjoy professional monitoring, low fees, proven returns and compound savings.

Low-cost ETFs

Canadians pay the highest mutual fund fees in the world. These fees are keeping your savings down. With Questrade you invest in low-cost ETFs and your savings are compounded into higher returns.

Proven returns

At Questrade we are a team of professional portfolio managers, selected for our experience and proven track record. Your financial success is our main priority. See our Investment performance.

Compound growth

Lower fees means more money for you to invest. When extra savings are reinvested, your portfolio notably increases thanks to compound growth.

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How Portfolio IQ works for you



ETFs are built with stocks, bonds and commodities. This diversification makes your investment resilient.

Lower Taxes

Lower Taxes

Portfolio managers may use a technique called tax-loss harvesting1 to lower capital gains in taxable accounts.

Active Management

Active Management

Experts actively manage your investments by taking advantage of market opportunities based on research and analysis.

Automatic rebalancing

Automatic rebalancing

We constantly buy and sell your investments to keep the portfolio working towards your goal.

An easier way to invest

See all the ways we make it easy for you to get ahead.

Easy to get started

It’s easy to find a portfolio that meets your goals—all you have to do is answer a few simple questions. And it’s easy to fund your account with several convenient ways. With Questrade Portfolio IQ, investing is easy to do online or with the team.

Easy to manage

Save time and grow your savings with recurring deposits. Your money is invested automatically and your portfolio is re-balanced regularly, to ensure your portfolio is a true reflection of your investment goals.

Easy to review

With investor statements that are easy to understand, you can be sure you’re on track to achieve your financial goals. Check your balances online to get the latest and most accurate data, 24/7.

Find the right account

Whatever your goals, there’s an account to help you get there.

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Get answers to our frequently asked questions

What is tax-loss harvesting?

Tax-loss harvesting helps investors limit taxes they would pay on capital gains.

What is active asset allocation?

Active asset allocation takes advantage of positive market trends developing while avoiding negative trends, overall helping manage your risk.

How much does Portfolio IQ cost?

Our management fees are as low as 0.35%, depending on your account size. For more information, please see Pricing.

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