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The trading day begins. You’ve done your research, and now all you need is access to the markets. IQ has you covered. And when you see the right opportunity pop up, you need the right order type to take advantage.

Want to trade stocks? We have the classic order types like limit, stop, and market, and advanced order types such as locked orders (floating), bracket orders, limit on open, limit on close, fill or kill, immediate or cancel, trailing stops by percentage, anonymous orders, minimum quantity, and iceberg.

For options, trade standard options, or any of our 17 multi-leg option strategies like collars, iron condors, vertical calls and puts, and covered calls.

We know that for active traders, timing is of the essence. In IQ Edge, set up hotkeys to get trades to the markets even faster. When you’re ready to trade, set your duration, your order type, review the effect of the order on your balances in the confirmation screen, then execute the trade.

IQ then sends your order directly to the market. You’re in. It’s filled. Your buying power, cash, and maintenance excess are instantly updated. IQ is trading as it should be.


Which order types does IQ support?
In IQ, there’s an order type for every trade situation: limit, limit on open, limit on close, market, stop, stop limit, trailing stop, and trailing stop limit. 

Read our detailed list of order types and learn about how they work.

 In IQ, there’s an order type for every trade situation
Which order durations does IQ support?
The duration of an order is just as important as the order type itself. In IQ, you get order durations like day, good till date (GTD), good till cancelled (GTC), good till extended market (GTEM), fill or kill (FOK) and immediate or cancel (IOC). 

Read a complete list of order durations and how they work.

 The duration of an order is just as important as the order type itself
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