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Technical analysis is at the heart of Questrade IQ (and many a trader). With a single click from anywhere in the platform, you can analyze the movement and performance of a symbol, or even overlay another symbol for comparison.

We’ve incorporated more classic studies – your favourite formulas plotted onto charts indicating patterns, volatility, momentum, and support / resistance levels. There are more drawings so you can work the data how you want. From trend lines all the way up to Fibonacci arcs, fans, retracements and extensions. Construct your chart for any interval you like, and then set the display for candlesticks, lines, bars or mountains. Whatever visual cues you watch to trigger a trade, we’ve polished and perfected them. Think of it as technical analysis, juiced.

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What kinds of charts are available?
The basics (and a few extras), ranging from candle style to area style. Here’s a preview of the charting available in Questrade IQ:

 The basics (and a few extras), ranging from candle style to area style

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Which technical studies will I have access to?

Technically speaking, we have a lot of technical studies. Seriously. We have Bollinger bands, moving average, pivot points, momentum, rate of change, TRIX, stochastic fast and slow, and the list goes on. And if you want to customize the charts, you can do so at the touch of a button with our new charting hotkeys

Here’s a look at our studies:

Technically speaking, we have a lot of technical studies

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