The information you need, when you need it

The markets move fast. You can move faster.

The best way to keep up with the markets is to identify opportunities as they happen. But you can’t spend the entire day watching charts (even though they do look sweet). You need tools to keep you informed, and we’ve got them:

  • IQ alerts: set up price, volume, and high/low alerts to be triggered in your platform and sent to your email or mobile device
  • Watch lists: the smartest (and easiest) way to monitor the markets is with watch lists. Set up multiple custom watch lists, and keep an eye out for your next big trade opportunity
  • Inbox: we’ll keep you up to date on any market activity (stock splits or reverse splits, planned downtimes)

Check out the different alerts available in Questrade IQ.


What alerts can I set up in Questrade IQ?
IQ includes prices, volumes, orders, and 52-week high and low alerts for any security that you want to keep an eye on.
Can I have alerts sent to my phone?
Absolutely. Select the alerts you want sent to your phone, as well as up to two different email addresses. Please note that if you subscribe to alerts on your cell phone, SMS rates as defined by your phone provider may apply.
How do I set up alerts?
Here’s how to set up alerts:
  • Sign into IQ Edge and click on the tools tab in the top left corner
  • Select alerts from the list.
  • Enter the security you want to monitor and hit add, then enter the price details and which alert you want to set up
  • And finally, click on alert preferences at the bottom of the window, and that’s where you’ll enter in all the details like which alerts you want, and where we should send them Learn more about alerts in IQ Edge.
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