Locked-in retirement account

Why trust somebody else with your money?
If you’ve terminated your membership in an employee-sponsored pension, convert your investment to a Questrade LIRA. There are two major advantages for you: cost and potential. First, cost: there are no annual fees for our LIRAs, and our trading commissions are the lowest in the country. Next, potential: take control, trade stocks and build a portfolio that suits your goals and profile. Lead the way to your retirement with a Questrade LIRA.


What is a LIRA?

It’s simple. Once you’ve left an employer, convert your portion of an employer-sponsored pension plan to a LIRA and take control of your investment.

How LIRA works for you

Transfer your company-sponsored pension plan to a Questrade LIRA, then diversify and build a stronger portfolio that better reflects your goals.

What you can trade in your LIRA

Continue to build your portfolio with stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, and precious metals. Monitor and adjust your positions periodically to get the most out of your retirement.

It’s your money. Keep it that way.

Don’t settle for measly interest rates. Invest your money, and give your money a real chance to grow.

(Lack of) fees

No fees to open, no annual fees.

Build your savings (easily)

We have a number of ways to keep your LIRA growing such as PACCs (pre-authorized cash contribution), automatic deposits, and free dividend re-investment plans (DRIPs).

I want to learn more about LIRAs

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