TFSA and registered accounts

Don’t just sit there. If growth in your registered account is what you want, do something about it. Make your hard-earned dollars work harder with a Questrade RSP trading account. With us, you get the best trade commissions in the business in our no-annual-fee RRSP and TFSA accounts. This means you get to put your money where it matters most: in your portfolio. In other words, your registered plan becomes a plan of action.

  • Tax free savings account

    Trade your money, and forget about paying taxes on your interest, dividends, or capital gains. Every dollar earned in your TFSA is yours, no strings attached.

  • Registered retirement savings plan

    The classic registered retirement savings plan, except ours actually has muscle (and we’ve trimmed the fat). Learn how to get your RRSP fighting shape.

  • Registered education savings plan

    The smartest thing you can do for your child’s education is a Questrade RESP account. When your investments grow, your kid can do the same.

  • Locked-in retirement account

    It’s your future. Take control of it. When you terminate your membership in an employee-sponsored pension plan, transfer your funds to a LIRA. Keep your money, investments, and future in your hands.

  • Registered retirement income fund

    Ready to retire but want to keep trading? Is your RRSP reaching maturity but don’t want to stop growing your portfolio? No sweat. With a RIF, you can trade, build your portfolio, and set up payments from your RIF on a schedule that works for you. Then, only pay tax on your annual withdraws.

  • Life income fund

    Convert your LIRA or locked-in RRSP to a LIF and keep your money working. Schedule a payment plan from your LIF to get money when you need it, and only pay tax on what you take out each year.

Registered plan of action

Questrade registered accounts are all eligible for our many trading services. Here are a few of our most popular (and notable) innovations in trading:

  • 1¢ stock trade: through the Questrade Advantage, trade stocks with a commission as low as 1¢, and options for as low as $6.95 / 75¢ per contract.
  • $4.95 stock trade: with our democratic pricing, stock trades are 1¢ per share (min $4.95 / max $9.95).
  • Margin Power: do you have a TFSA and a margin account? Connect your margin account to the assets in your TFSA and increase your buying power.
  • USD in RSP®: trade U.S. stocks without conversion charges.
  • Mutual Fund Maximizer™: get up to 1% of your mutual funds back every year.
  • IQ trading platforms: streaming data, research tools, and direct market access.
  • Precious metals trading: that’s right. Real gold and silver.
  • Buy ETFs for free: buy any North American-listed ETF commission-free.
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