Sole proprietor account

A personal approach to building your business

With a Questrade sole proprietor account, you can invest on behalf of your business, with 100% confidence and 100% control. Apply your knowledge as a trader to build a new revenue model for your company – and you.


What is a sole proprietor account?

A sole proprietor is an account where you and your business are legally bound together. This means that all the profits (or losses) in your account belong to you.

What you can trade

Just as with all our margin accounts, you can trade stocks (including OTC penny stocks), to options (standard and mini), to ETFs, mutual funds, bonds and precious metals in a margin account, or foreign exchange and contracts for difference in an FX and CFD account.

Grow your excess capital for less.

Questrade charges nothing to open a corporation account. We treat this account like a personal trading account, meaning you have more freedom with the types and amounts of investments that are made on your corporation’s behalf.

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