Partnership account

Partners in profit

With a Questrade partnership account, you can invest with a business partner, without incorporating your business itself. Pool your investments and take a bigger stake in the markets. With the added buying power that comes with margin trading accounts, you can really boost your potential.


What is a partnership account?

The funds and equity in the account belong to the partnership, which is typically a 50/50 split between two individuals.

What you can trade

In a partnership margin account, you can trade stocks (including OTC penny stocks), options (standard and mini option lots), ETFs, mutual funds, bonds and precious metals.

We also offer foreign exchange (FX) and contracts for difference (CFD) partnership accounts.

It's your money. Keep it that way.

We strive to keep all our costs low. From the best stock trade commissions in Canada, to commission-free purchases of any North American ETF, and commission-free bonds trading.

There are no trading commissions charged in a forex and CFD partnership account

Grow your excess capital for less.

Questrade charges nothing to open a partnership account. In addition, all the perks we offer (or develop in the future) that are available to our standard accounts, are available for partnership accounts too.

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