Margin accounts

Turbo trading

You work hard to build your portfolio, so your portfolio should work hard too. With a Questrade margin account, you steer your investments exactly how you like and use the leverage provided by margin for new or bigger opportunities. Think of it as trading, with an optional turbo boost.

Questrade margin accounts all tap into the trading services we’ve created to serve you better. Here are a few of our favorite innovations:

  • Margin Power: do you have a TFSA and a margin account? Increase your buying power by connecting your margin account to the assets in your TFSA.
  • Canada’s lowest commissions:
    • 1¢ stock trade: through the Questrade Advantage, trade stocks with a commission as low as 1¢, and options for as low as $6.95 / 75¢ per contract.
    • $4.95 stock trade: with our democratic pricing, stock trades are 1¢ per share (min $4.95 / max $9.95)
    • Buy ETFs for free: buy any North American-listed ETF commission-free
  • Precious metals trading: that’s right. Real gold and silver.
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