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Great ideas are born from a simple question…why? In the late 90s, the investment industry was in the midst of a revolution. The internet was making it easier to trade but it hadn’t found its way to the average Canadian. Why? Because stock brokers were reaping enormous profits by keeping access to the markets for themselves. Investors had no choice, either pay outrageous fees or enjoy your seat on the sideline.

Enough was enough. It was time to give Canadians a better choice. Questrade opened its doors in 1999 on a promise to always do what’s right for investors, because we are investors ourselves.

By using technology to bring trading online, we provided all Canadians affordable access to the markets from the comfort of their home. And that was only the beginning. Since then we’ve continued to take a stand for investors in an industry stacked against them. Challenging the status quo. Building products and services people truly need. Ultimately, doing what’s required to create an investment industry we are proud to be a part of. Why…

We care deeply about helping Canadians become much more financially successful and secure.

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