Lower your fees

These days, it seems we’re all looking for ways to stretch our dollars further. At Questrade, we want to help. And this time, we wanted to include your friends and family in the mix. Introducing the myFamily program, where you and your family can work together and collectively qualify for lower fees.

How myFamily works

  • Link the assets (investments and/or cash) in your account with the assets in other clients’ accounts to start collectively qualifying for lower fees
  • All account types qualify (registered and non-registered), including both self-directed and managed investing
  • Self-directed clients (with Questrade, Inc.) avoid inactivity fees when a group has at least CAD $5,000 in assets (all assets held by everyone in your myFamily group qualify). And, those with registered education savings plans (RESP) avoid the $50 annual fee when a group has at least $15,000 in assets.
  • Managed investing clients with Portfolio IQ (a service of Questrade Wealth Management Inc.) can qualify for reduced management fees (only assets held by clients with Portfolio IQ qualify towards the reduction)

Who’s in your family?

Your family is who you tell us it is. Create a myFamily group with your spouse, parent, partner, child, aunt, or even a neighbour. You can live at the same address, in another city, even on the opposite sides of the country. If they’re your family, as long as they are a Questrade client, then you’re all eligible for myFamily.

  • Start your myFamily group using the application form
  • Add more members to your group using the add members form
  • You can only belong to one myFamily group at a time

Start your myFamily group now

Ready to bring your family together? Fill out the form and upload it to us.

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