Trailer-free trading

About 1% of the value of your mutual funds is pocketed by your broker each and every year. Those fees are called trailer fees, and we think you deserve to get them back.

Hold mutual funds with Questrade, and your mutual fund portfolio is simply worth more. With the Mutual Fund Maximizer®, a service that reimburses trailer fees directly to our clients1, you'll decrease the fees you pay, and increase your returns. It improves the potential for a portfolio's year-over-year growth through compound investing.

1Tiered trailer fees will be rebated at the base/starting rate. All rebates are in CAD. Rebates are calculated daily and rebated quarterly.


What is a trailer fee?

The trailer fee, or trailing commission, is one of the fees associated with mutual funds and it can be as much as 1% (or more!) of the value of your investments.

The purpose of trailer fees is to pay your financial advisor or broker for ongoing management services. However, the funds pay the same trailer fee to your broker no matter how much or little advice they provide. In addition, the trailer fee is an ongoing expense. As your portfolio grows, so do the fees.

Most mutual funds pay the trailer fee directly to the brokerage where your funds are invested. You will never see the trailer fee deducted from your account because it is typically embedded in the fund's MER (management expense ratio). The average trailer fee is about 1%. The specifics of the fees charged by a fund are detailed in the charges and fees section of the simplified prospectus.

How do I see my rebates?
Research your portfolio in our mutual fund centre, and we'll display all the details you need to know, including MERs and trailer fees. And because every client who owns mutual funds is automatically included in our trailer-fee rebate program, we'll track and display any money you can expect back by quarter.
Are there any other fees?
There is a monthly processing fee of $29.95. At the close of every quarter, Questrade determines your eligible trailer rebates, subtracts the total processing fee for the quarter, and then rebates the remainder into your account. This processing fee is never charged to your account, so if your rebate is less than the quarterly charge, there is no additional payment.
Can you give me an example of how Maximizer works?
If you have $100,000 invested in mutual funds, with a 1% trailer fee, your annual total in trailers could be as much as $1000 — every year. After deducting the monthly processing fee, out of the $1000, you would be reimbursed $640.60. And because Mutual Fund Maximizer's processing fee is capped ($29.95 per month), the more you have invested in mutual funds, the higher your rebate.
Does the rebate affect my contribution room in my RSP or TFSA?
If you have a registered account, trailer fee rebates have no impact on your regular contribution limit. You can contribute to your limit and we’ll maximize it with the rebate.
How do I qualify for Maximizer?

Everyone automatically qualifies! If the mutual fund pays us a trailer fee, we’ll rebate the full amount minus the Mutual Fund Maximizer’s quarterly processing fee.

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