Keep more money in your pocket

Hold both U.S. and Canadian cash in any registered account, including TFSAs. You’ll be able to trade markets on both sides of the border without surprise currency conversion fees every time you buy, sell or receive dividend income.

Here's how it works

  • Fund your account with U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, or both
  • Only have Canadian cash in your account and want to trade a U.S. stock (or vice versa)? No problem. You can request a currency conversion in myQuestrade and we’ll take care of it. Normal conversion charges apply, so you can continue trading with the converted currency without paying more conversion fees
  • Set your account to settle in the trade currency, USD, or CAD (trade currency is our most popular; you can send your orders to any North American market with confidence)

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Can I hold U.S. currency in any registered account?
Yes. All Questrade registered accounts can hold U.S. currency including TFSAs.
What’s the benefit of a dual currency account?
The main benefit is avoiding the forced currency conversion fee normally attached to every trade of a US stock. What does this really add up to? Well, when you get dinged with forced conversions charges at the other brokers, you end up with less money to invest. With Questrade, that money stays in your portfolio.
Any other perks to USD in RSP?
For accounts that settle in CAD, you still save big when you buy and sell USD securities in the same day. Questrade only converts the net proceeds of the trade ― the difference between any buy and sell.
Can I deposit USD into my account, or do I need to convert CAD?
You can deposit U.S. funds into your account by transferring from another Questrade account, or through any of our approved account funding methods. Please visit our fund an account page for more info. You can also request a conversion while logged into your account.
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