Markets can move at a blistering pace. You need a platform that can keep up. Introducing Questrade IQ, our direct access* trading platforms. Your orders are sent directly to the market. No middlemen working your order, taking a cut as it’s passed along. Simply put, direct access* is as fast as it gets.

Direct access
Questrade IQ

Direct access* and Questrade IQ

Control, speed, and cost. These are the three factors that make direct access* important to you.

Control Control

The ability to see market opportunity in real-time and act on it immediately means you have a better chance of getting the buy/sell price you've targeted.

Cost Cost

Direct access* reduces slippage between the estimated cost of a transaction and its actual cost. Direct access* is the most transparent method of accessing the markets.

Speed Speed

In fast-moving markets, order execution speed can be the difference between a gain or a loss, between taking advantage of an opportunity and missing it entirely.

Remember: account access, trade executions, and system response may be adversely affected by market conditions, quote delays, system performance, and other factors. Stock liquidity and order conditions will also affect the speed of your trade execution.

* The term “Direct access trading” is not meant to refer to, should not be construed as referring to, and should not be confused with Direct Electronic Access or Direct Market Access. Trades entered with Questrade must flow through Questrade’s systems and are subject to risk parameters, thresholds, and other internal controls.