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Managing your portfolio
is easy with Passiv

Set up and manage your portfolios quickly and easily, plus save time and fees with Questrade and Passiv.

Put your goals on autopilot

Passiv Elite is free for all Questrade customers.

Constant monitoring

Passiv notifies you when your portfolio is outside its target allocations or when there’s cash or dividends in your account.

Easy rebalancing

To keep your goals on track, Passiv will show you the trades you can place to keep your portfolio balanced to your liking.

1-click trading

With Passiv Elite, you can execute one-click trades and automate calculations to rebalance your portfolio quickly and easily.


In a glance, easily see how your investments are performing and track any dividends you receive.

Exclusive to Questrade

  • Fully-integrated, secure, and exclusive to Questrade
  • Easily allocate money, rebalance assets, and execute trades
  • Invest deposits and dividends to help reach long-term goals

Duration: 1:28 minute

Link your account

See how you can connect your Questrade account to Passiv. It’s fast, easy and secure.

Duration: 2:20 minute

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Put Passiv to work

Passiv helps you automate your investments and manage your portfolio.

  • Combine and manage all of your accounts as one portfolio, manage them separately, or create multiple portfolios with various levels of risk tolerance and/or time horizons.
  • Choose how Passiv handles multiple currencies in your portfolio.
  • Set how much of your portfolio to keep in cash or allocate to your investments.

Learn about index investing

Our popular webinar, Introduction to Index Investing, teaches you how index funds can help you on your investment journey. And how to use Passiv and Questrade to invest in index funds.

Duration: 43 minutes

Take control of your financial future

With Passiv, you can automate your portfolio management and keep your goals on track.

Get answers to our frequently asked questions

Why do I need to rebalance?

Rebalancing helps you maintain your investments so you can stay on track with your short-term or long-term investing plan.

Is linking my account with Passiv secure?

Yes. Your account and the trading activities you execute on Passiv all go through Questrade. Our security, privacy and guarantees are all in place.

How do I sign up for Passiv?

It’s easy. Sign up at then link your Questrade account and start creating your target portfolio.

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