Save with mutual fund rebates

Mutual funds often come with trailer fees. Fees that go to the broker and go up as your portfolio grows. But at Questrade your trailer fees belong to you. With exclusive mutual fund rebates, these fees are reimbursed back. There’s no need to sign up—with Questrade your fees are automatically added back into your account. With our mutual fund rebate program, known as Mutual Fund Maximizer, these fees are reimbursed back. There’s no need to sign up—the rebates are automatically added back into your account.

The benefits of mutual fund rebates

  • Trailer fees are reimbursed every quarter

  • With less fees comes an increase in returns

  • A portfolio’s year-over-year growth potentially improves

How do mutual fund rebates work?

Get refunded every quarter

With the close of every quarter, Questrade determines your eligible trailer rebates on your Questrade mutual fund. Processing fees for the quarter are subtracted ($29.95/month), and what’s remaining goes into your account. To see your rebates check your statement. No need to enroll or sign up for anything—this is automatic for anyone holding mutual funds with Questrade.

What’s a mutual fund?

Diversify and invest as a group

Mutual funds pool money from different investors and together you purchase a portfolio of investments. While each investor owns a share in the fund, your risk is reduced because your investment is spread across securities. With a mutual fund, you also have a lot of different choices, all depending on your goals. Each fund is designed to meet different criteria, so you can define anything from investment sector to your risk profile when selecting a fund.

Learn more about mutual funds

Mutual funds typically aren’t as vulnerable as stocks to any roller-coaster volatility in the markets. Use them to diversify your portfolio with baskets of investments in just about any sector.

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Get answers to our frequently asked questions

How do I enroll for mutual fund rebates?

Everyone automatically qualifies for mutual fund rebates. If your mutual fund pays a trailer fee, you will be enrolled.

Is there a limit to these rebates?

Your rebate is based on the trailer fees you pay. There is no limit to the amount of rebate you receive.

Do the rebates impact my contribution limit?

No, any rebates from mutual fund trailer fees will not count towards contribution limits in registered accounts.

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