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Webinar #13

Investing in your children’s financial future

Presented by: Kornel Szrejber
They say that there’s no greater investment than in your child’s future. Join us as we go through different ways that you can invest for your kids, from helping them pay for their education with an RESP to even helping give them a secure retirement.

About Kornel Szrejber

Kornel Szrejber is a small business owner and financial planner who specializes in helping Canadians retire early. He himself is a member of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement, and has retired from full-time work at the age of 32, making him one of Canada’s youngest retirees. 

Kornel is the host of Build Wealth Canada, one of the nation’s top finance and investing podcasts for Canadians, and a regular speaker at the Canadian Financial Summit

Watch this free webinar to learn about:

  1. How RESP accounts work

    What are the benefits of an RESP? What’s the difference between an individual and a family RESP? We answer these questions and more.
  2. How to use an RESP to claim government grants

    Learn what government grants are available to boost your child’s RESP, and how you can catch up on grants you may have missed.
  3. How to turn a small contribution into a massive boost for your kids’ retirement

    Learn how a small investment today could have a large positive impact on your child’s future finances, and how to set up a retirement trust for your kids.

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