Refer a friend

Fast execution. Great service. Low fees. Isn’t that something you want to share? Refer a friend to Questrade and your friend will reap the rewards of joining a great brokerage and you, well, you’ll reap cash rewards.

What you receive

The more friends you refer the bigger the reward. Every time you refer a friend to open a professionally-managed or online trading account, you will get paid $25 directly in your account. With every third referral we’ll give you a $50 bonus.

What your friends receive

if they open an online trading account

Depending on the amount of money they deposit, they unlock their own cash bonus. If they deposit $1,000 initially then fund more afterwards, no problem, they’ll have 90 days to reach the highest cash reward.

if they open a professionally-managed portfolio

Refer your friend and they’ll enjoy their first month of Portfolio IQ® (a service of Questrade Wealth Management Inc.) for free, once they fund their account with $1,000.

Introducing the QPass key

Sound good? Well it gets even better. We simplified the way you refer a friend. Log in to Questrade and generate your QPass Key. The key is your personal ticket to referrals. Whoever clicks on your QPass key will be tagged as your referral.

Already a client?

To get started, head over to the refer a friend page in myQuestrade.

Not a client yet?

Find a promotion that’s right for you and join Questrade.

How does it work?
To refer friends, you need to generate a QPass key. The QPass key is your referral code, your friend will enter this code under the offer code section when they’re opening an account. Upon completing their account and executing a commissionable trade, you will receive $25 (and a $50 bonus for every third referral). Your friend will receive a cash bonus based on the amount they deposit in their first 90 days.
Where do I find my QPass key?
Log in to Questrade and go to ACCOUNTS, under ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT, go to Refer a friend. Here you will find where you can generate your QPass key.
When do I get my reward?
To get your reward, your referral needs to open and fund their account, then complete one commissionable trade. Rewards are paid approximately seven days afterwards.
When will my friend get their reward?
Your friend has 90 days to reach the highest reward tier and must complete one commissionable trade.
I have multiple accounts. Which account will be credited with the reward?
The reward will go to your billing account. You can find your billing account in account management under the My Accounts tab. If you want to switch your billing account, email Want it done right away? Ask one of our customer service professionals over the phone or through chat.

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