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Pilot simplifies trading, providing you with trading opportunities, in an intuitive easy to use mobile experience. Getting started is quick. Connect Pilot to your existing brokerage account and start trading Forex, Stocks, and Futures, live. By determining real-time market Perception and Sentiment, Pilot, anticipates market behaviour to deliver quality trading opportunities.

App Features:

* Connect to your existing brokerage account within minutes in 3 easy steps

* Receive alerts in real-time, to multiple trading opportunities, across multiple asset classes with in-app notifications

* Execute trades with speed and ease, with Pilot’s innovative Click-to-Trade feature. 

* Paper trading available via our Demo and Simulation trading modes

* AI driven Real Time Sentiment designed for efficient order execution

* Mobile-first design and intuitive user experience

* Trade Foreign Currency (FX), Stocks (Equities and ETFs), Futures (Indices, Currency Futures, Commodities – Physical Goods such as gold, copper, crude, oil, and more). Questrade API does not support FX and Futures products. 

Pilot is not based on news or social sentiment signals! It is a system that is capable of extracting real-time market sentiment and traders’ perception through its proprietary, mathematical psychology-based models and algorithms. 

It enables you to improve your price action anticipation skills and can help make your trading decisions more reliable. Gain the edge with Pilot’s high precision real time artificial intelligence algorithms and trade with ease.

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The Questrade API allows developers to create their own fully
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Get answers to our frequently asked questions

How many accounts can I have?

There is absolutely no limit to the number of accounts you can open at Questrade.

Do I need a minimum to open an account?

No minimum is required to open an account. In order to begin investing, you need a minimum of $1,000 in your account.

What documents do I need to open an account?

To get started, you'll need your SIN and driver's licence. Depending on the account, you may be required to provide other documents.

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