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Market data is your view of the exchanges. And with Questrade’s trading environment, the view is amazing: all computer and tablet platforms include free snap quotes. The data provides basic bid and ask information, and is displayed in the level 1 quote area of the stock or option quote tab, watch list, and level 1 gadget.

You can also define your own data plan from basic up to epic. And by epic, we mean it: an in-depth view at daily gainers and losers, expanded routes, expanded market depth, more ECNs, and more ways to package it together into your own personal panorama (we call it a subscription or a data plan).

We offer a number of subscriptions to different exchanges. Depending on your trading activity levels, we’ll reduce the price on data or give it to you for free. And if epic is more action than you need, stick with free live streaming. The view is always great.

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What different data plans are available?

As a client, a subscription to our basic free data plan is automatically activated. We also offer enhanced and advanced Canadian or U.S. market data plans, as well as à la carte feeds for different exchanges and ECNs. Read details on our different plans and prices.

Because we don’t want to eat up your data plan, streaming data isn’t available on your mobile device. But you do get unlimited free live snap quotes, so any time you need the latest price on a stock, you’ve got it.

What do you offer for active traders?
When you subscribe to an advanced market data plan, you’ll automatically qualify for lower trading commissions. Our active trader program has stock trading commissions as low as 1¢, options for $4.95+75¢/contract and you can qualify for rebates on your market data plan. Learn more about active trader pricing.
How do I sign up for market data?
To subscribe to any of our market data plans, first log in to Questrade. From the ACCOUNTS area, hover over ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT and select the Market data tab.
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