Market Intelligence

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Quotes, screeners, and research right in your platform. Smart.

Market Intelligence is your go-to for fundamental research. Our market research centre is loaded with reports, earnings, filters and screeners. There’s a lot of intel in Market Intelligence, so we integrated the most popular (and coolest) features directly into Questrade and IQ Edge.

Enter a security or symbol in the research section and scan results by financials, valuation, filings and other key metrics for North American securities. Search for news in specific securities or markets, and filter the results by symbol, sector or industry. Use screeners to overlay criteria such as growth, market, and valuation on a company or sector including ETFs. If it's fundamental, it's here. Market Intelligence is powered by Morningstar. Watch this video to learn more about Market Intelligence.


How do I get it?
You get access to Market Intelligence through the research tab on Questrade.  

Here’s a preview of what you’ll get with Market Intelligence:

 If you’ve got IQ

How much does it cost?
Nothing. Market Intelligence is absolutely free for Questrade clients.
Can I focus on specific stocks?
Yes. You can create custom screeners so you can focus your research on stocks you’re interested in.

 You can create custom screeners so you can focus your research on stocks you’re interested in
What screeners does Market Intelligence provide?
You can filter your view to growth, market, profitability or valuation. Choose specific stocks or ETFs to follow, and click between these screeners to see your desired view.

 You can filter your view to growth
What exchanges does Market Intelligence cover?
All major North American markets, including TSX, TSX Venture, NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE American and NYSE Arca.
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