Life at Questrade

Employees spend a lot of time at work: innovating, collaborating and doing great things. Questrade takes this commitment from our employees very seriously. Questrade takes this commitment from our employees very seriously. We strive to provide a positive experience for our employees in all aspects of their working lives. Questrade has a progressive approach to work-life balance, including flexible work arrangements.
At Questrade, we have created an environment, where the diversity of our staff members is valued, ideas are welcome, great work and innovation are rewarded

Flexible work arrangements

While employees spend a lot of time at work, we also recognize the importance of their lives outside of Questrade. Wherever possible, we work with employees to find an arrangement that fits our business requirements and the employee's work/life needs.

Staff events

We value the hard work and dedication of our employees, and invite all staff to participate in appreciation events, from corporate parties to pizza lunches, held throughout the year.


Questrade recognizes the value of different backgrounds, experience and skills of our team members. We welcome the opinions of our employees and regularly seek input into new projects and programs. From business development initiatives to corporate sponsored events, the individual, collective knowledge of our team and experiences of our employees always provide valuable insight to everything Questrade does.

Service awards

Questrade understands that making a long-term commitment to the company is an important achievement. We show our gratitude by rewarding team members when they pass major milestones.
We also have annual peer to peer awards that allow all staff to nominate someone for recognition and vote for the winners.

  • The Sheer Brilliance Award
  • The Sherlock Holmes Award
  • The Burning Rubber Award
  • The Smooth Moves Award
  • The Pixel Perfect Award
  • The Piece of Cake Award
  • The Service With A Smile Award
  • The Rome Was Not Built In A Day Award
  • The Fun Times Award

The Burning Rubber Award

Awarded to an individual who is able to think fast without jeopardizing quality and demonstrates a willingness to go above and beyond to drive momentum on critical projects. This Questrader actively solves problems and leads others through challenges.

The Sherlock Holmes Award

Awarded to an individual who anticipates or uncovers potential problems before they happen and takes preventative measures. This Questrader advocates for the adoption of best practices and quality in the process as well as in the end product.

The Sheer Brilliance Award

Awarded to an individual who consistently demonstrates the ability to design elegant, comprehensive technical solutions in response to complex business needs.

The Smooth Moves Award

Awarded to an individual who works with multiple teams to collaborate on new solutions, and regularly contributes ideas to improve either our technologies or culture.

The Pixel Perfect Award

Awarded to an individual who advocates for quality and ease of use on behalf of our clients. This individual applies creativity and skill in design to grow the brand exposure and provide unique user experiences.

The Rome Was Not Built In A Day Award

Awarded to an individual who demonstrates an entrepreneurial spirit - looking ahead to the future needs of Questrade while providing cost-effective solutions to meet immediate needs.

The Piece of Cake Award

Awarded to an individual who makes complex things seem easy, who explains ideas clearly for others and propels our projects forward through teamwork. This Questrader actively pursues learning opportunities and is a subject matter expert, sharing knowledge and helping others grow as professionals.

The Fun Times Award

Awarded to an individual who enjoys tackling new challenges and thrives in a fast-paced environment. This individual is always willing to help others while making significant personal contributions and actively contributing to a fun work environment in Questrade.

The Service With A Smile Award

Awarded to an individual who consistently provides excellent service to our internal clients and advocates for cross-departmental team work.

We reward you all over the world! Not only will you be eligible to be showcased as a superstar in our Yerevan office, but you will also have the opportunity to be recognized by your peers, colleges and managers at any Questrade location. Below is a list of our recognition awards eligible to all team members at Questrade.

World Class Award

Consistently makes quality of service a priority, for clients and colleagues alike. Considers the impact of their actions on service delivery and proactively takes steps to maximize client satisfaction, teamwork and collaboration, and performance results.


Consistently demonstrates behaviours in support of Questrade’s core values and regularly exhibits top behaviours in multiple categories. They are recognized by staff at all levels of the organization as a team player, a collaborator, a participator, and a top performer.

Raring to Go Award

Is involved in a variety of team and company events throughout the year. Volunteer their time to coordinate, plan or participate in work-related and extracurricular events designed to build teams and improve our internal and external communities.

Bring it On Award

Welcomes new challenges and is always ready and able to contribute. They make the time and take the extra effort to meet needs and exceed expectations. They participate in different committees and project teams and “live-and-breathe” teamwork.

Follow Me Award

Supervisors and Managers who have demonstrated the strongest leadership capabilities throughout the year. They achieve results and motivate their team to do the same. They create an open and productive team-oriented environment for their staff and are highly effective at building and managing relationships throughout the organization.

Upgrade Award

Looks for opportunities to improve themselves, others, or the company. Throughout the year, they proactively recommend process improvements, take control of their own learning and development progress, and seek opportunities to share their own knowledge with others.

Rewards and professional development

We recognize that the combined knowledge, skills and expertise of our employees are the key to our success. Questrade is committed to ongoing professional development, to continuous learning, and personal growth. When a member of our team goes above and beyond, we recognize their achievements.

Career development opportunities

We know that most employees have the potential and the desire to move beyond the role for which they were hired. Through succession planning and individual career development, Questrade supports employees on the path to achieving their career goals.

Continuous learning

Questrade promotes the continuous learning and development endeavors of its employees and encourages them to acquire new skills and knowledge. From internal training courses to our formal educational assistance program, employees have a variety of opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills.

Compensation and benefits

We ensure that our employees are compensated fairly and competitively for their work. Each team member is motivated in a different way. That is why Questrade provides an advanced benefit plan. Our team members are encouraged to innovate, to try a new approach, to be pro-active in solving problems. We reward our employees through company-wide incentive programs and formal individual recognition.

We know how to collaborate

Questrade is comprised of very skilled, very committed individuals working collaboratively as a team. We collectively create a unique work environment that is fast-paced and challenging, but also very open and supportive.

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