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Webinar #11

Investment ideas for the New Economy

Presented by: Evolve ETFs
ETFs have been gaining popularity as easy ways to diversify investments. But new ETFs are emerging to provide innovative ways to invest in thematic categories instead of broad indexes. Join Evolve ETFs CEO Raj Lala and COO/CIO Elliot Johnson as they explore these exciting new Thematic ETFs.
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About Evolve ETFs

Evolve ETFs is a leader in thematic ETFs, bringing innovative and specialized ETFs to Canadian investors. Founded in September 2017, Evolve ETFs currently has $1 billion in assets under management, making them one of Canada’s fastest growing ETF providers. Evolve ETFs provides investors with access to investment products with long-term investment themes, index-based income strategies, and some of the world’s leading investment managers. Established by a team of industry veterans with a proven track record of success, Evolve ETFs creates investment products that make a difference. 

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Watch this free webinar to learn:

  1. How ETFs have impacted the Canadian investing landscape

    Learn how ETFs impact Canadian investors, including a brief look at their rise to popularity, and how they have started to eclipse the mutual fund in sales.
  2. What thematic ETFs are and why they can be useful investing tools

    Learn how thematic ETFs can make it easier to invest broadly across high-performing market-leading categories.
  3. Which industry categories seem poised to take over

    Take a look at the categories that appear to be set up for growth in the new post-COVID economy, including cybersecurity, e-gaming, and healthcare.

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