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Webinar #8

Ignite Your Investing Confidence

Presented by: Michelle Hung
Join Michelle Hung, author and founder of The Sassy Investor, as she teaches you how to build confidence in your finances, how to build your wealth through your portfolio, and how to build peace of mind as you reclaim control of your long-term goals.
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About Michelle Hung


Michelle Hung is an author, chartered financial analyst, financial literacy advocate, and founder of The Sassy Investor. Michelle has had a storied career in finance, with experience in investment banking, venture capital, and a wealth of corporate financial advisory roles.

Michelle founded The Sassy Investor as a way to financially empower women who have traditionally been discouraged from controlling their own finances. Through The Sassy Investor, she introduces Canadians to the basics of finance and shows them how to take control of, plan for, and achieve their long-term financial goals.

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Watch this free webinar to learn:

  1. Why the stock market is nothing to fear

    The first step to investment success is understanding the market isn't meant to be frightening; it's designed to help you prosper.
  2. How to get started and build your confidence as an investor

    Planning and understanding are the foundations of a solid portfolio. Michelle offers insight into where and how to take that first step into the market.
  3. How to take control of your long-term goals

    Once you're confident, you can use your new knowledge as an investor to take control of your long-term investment goals and save a significant amount in fees.

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