Questrade Smart ETFs™

We don’t call them smart for nothing. They are actively managed, track an intelligently designed index (unlike many other ETFs on the market), and employ a range of other investment strategies to find the best opportunity for you. They’re real investment nerds.


Unique and innovative

Invest smarter with ETFs created for markets and strategies never before listed in Canada.

Buy for FREE

Questrade clients can purchase Questrade Smart ETFs absolutely commission-free.

Canadian-dollar ETFs

Protect your USD investment from currency fluctuation with our Canadian-dollar hedged ETFs listed on the TSX.

Managed and developed by the pros

Developed and managed by our professional team of sub-advisors and portfolio managers.

Proprietary investment strategies

Intelligent indexing designed to capture more risk-adjusted returns, with proven investment strategies.

Available everywhere

Available through your broker or advisor, and you can buy them commission-free with a Questrade account.