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  • 17 Mar 17

    PFIC Annual Information Statements for U.S. Taxpayers

    Helping investors comply with U.S. PFIC tax rules Read More
  • 22 Feb 16

    ETF volumes and liquidity

    ETFs allow for instantaneous price discovery and intraday trading flexibility. Read More
  • 09 Feb 16

    The core and more

    CURRENT MARKET conditions can best be described as challenging for bond investors. There are historically low yields; rising interest rates in the US; slowing global growth (specifically in Europe and China); and compressed corporate spreads. Yields in the US and Canada are at extremely low levels. In the US, 10-year treasury bonds are yielding 2.03%. In Canada (as of Oct. 21), it’s an anemic 1.57%. This barely keeps pace with inflation. Read More
  • 09 Feb 16

    Cap weight versus equal weight, part 2

    IN THIS edition of the smart beta index review, we delve deeper into the analysis of the equal weight versus market cap weight debate by analyzing the return and risk characteristics of the Russell 1000 Equal Weight Producers Durable and Consumer Discretionary indices to their Russell 1000 Cap Weighted counterparts. Read More
  • 09 Feb 16

    Cap weight or equal weight: what’s in your index?

    TO EXAMINE the differences between traditional market cap weighting and equal weighting strategies in index construction and their effects on return and risk characteristics, let’s look at the Russell 1000 Equal Weight Health Care Index and its market cap weight counterpart. Read More