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We live and breathe stocks over here at Questrade, so we are always looking for ways to provide an easier, more affordable, and better experience for you to trade them. Whether you’re researching a stock using market data or one of our many research tools, entering an order in our IQ trading platforms, or sending your trade directly to the exchanges, ATSs, and ECNs, we keep your costs low with the best commissions in Canada.

This is stock trading as it should be.


What exactly are stocks?

Simply put, stocks are shares in a company. When it comes to trading stocks, whether you go long (buy) or short (sell) on a stock, the value of your investment changes in relation to the value of the company.

And if your stock pays a dividend (one of the ways your investment can increase in value) check out our free dividend reinvestment plan.

How do I trade stocks with Questrade?

Trading stocks with us is easy. We have online and desktop trading platforms, so you can trade however you want, wherever you want. Log into Questrade and you’ll have a full web-based platform to trade from. For more advanced trading, IQ Edge is our downloadable, desktop platform for active and pro traders. Or trade on the go with our mobile app. Visit our platforms page for all the details.

You can also trade by calling our trade desk. A phone trade fee may apply.

How do I research stocks with Questrade?

Before you buy, you obviously want to know more about the stock you’re buying and whether it is a good investment.

First, you can learn about the company’s history using technical analysis (evaluating the security using chart studies and price history) or fundamental analysis (evaluating the security by researching a company’s financial statements, key ratios, or management history). Questrade offers several research tools built right into your IQ trading platform. Watch our Youtube playlist on all our research tools.

The second step is to monitor the stock and buy (or sell) at the best time. With market data built into your trading platform, you can keep an eye on the security and decide when it’s the right time to pull the trigger on a trade. We offer several different market data packages, starting with a free snap-quote package, an enhanced package with level 1 data, and two advanced packages. Read more about our market data packages.

How much does it cost to trade stocks?

You deserve a good deal, so we have a few different options for stock trade commissions. Our democratic pricing is for everyone, no matter the size of your  account or frequency of trading.  The commission rate is 1¢ per share, $4.95 minimum / $9.95 maximum. Visit our pricing pages to learn more.

Better yet, with the Questrade Advantage, our active trader program for everyone, you can trade stocks for as low as 1¢. Any client who registers for an advanced market data plan automatically gets the Advantage.

How do I create a bracket order?

You can create a bracket order through your IQ platform. Once you enter the security name, you can determine the quantity you want to trade, the order type, the limit, the duration, route and sub route.

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