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The gold standard. Gold medal performance. Born with a silver spoon. On a silver platter. Precious metals have come to represent solidity, wealth and impeccable taste. As an investment product, they represent diversification and, for many investors, a strategy for hedging against stock market volatility, currency instability, and geo-political risk.

Now you can buy gold and silver in equities margin and registered accounts.

Where are my precious metals held? Can I keep them myself?

Gold and silver is stored at the Royal Canadian Mint, at IDS Canada or at Brinks Canada Limited. All storage options allow you to hold precious metals in an equities trading account (including registered accounts such as RRSPs or TFSAs). You can also have your gold and silver shipped to you to store yourself.

How do I trade precious metals?

To trade gold or silver, call the Questrade trade desk at 1.866.980.9590.The daily trade deadline for precious metal trade is 3 pm ET.


Seriously, am I buying actual gold and silver?

Yes. You're not buying a certificate that says you own the value of the precious metal; you’re buying the bullion, the real deal.

What would I be buying exactly?

To buy gold, you can buy a gold bar or a Canadian gold coin. The gold maple leaf coins are the world standard by which the purity of other bullion coins is measured.

If you want to buy silver, you can buy a silver 100oz bar or a Canadian silver coin, which come in a roll of 25-1oz coins.

How pure are the gold and silver bullion?

Gold and silver bullion are refined in the range of .999-.9999 purity.

Why is it better to buy precious metal bullion rather than certificates?

By investing directly in physical precious metals, you’re avoiding the management fees associated with certificates and funds.

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